We turn b2b marketing into sales enablement

The b2b buyer has changed

Once upon a time, B2B companies used ten page whitepapers, once a month emails and a firm handshake at a lunch and learn to attract new prospects. Today, the customer buying journey requires an omnichannel approach that is often customized by industry to even be a part of the research phase for the buyer. 

Effective data-driven marketing is about people. Whether it is gathered via surveys, interpreted through complex web analytics or a simple comment left on a blog post, these data points are breadcrumbs that illustrate a story of your ideal client and their needs. The data should be leveraged as a means of creating and/or optimizing your marketing materials and customer buying journey. 

While information like cost, quality and efficiency are still important, they are no longer the determining factors of a B2B buying decision. Most buying decisions are based on feelings and emotions and those habits follow them into the board room. 



Interactive workshops dedicated to identifying obstacles in your marketing and sales processes. I help you gain clarity and focus on immediate solutions that will impact productivity and revenue.


Learn how to create transformational solutions and results-oriented marketing as Yunche delivers thought-provoking key notes and training for sales and marketing teams.


CMOs are no longer just in charge of marketing outputs; the role now embodies growth, digital, buying experience and customer service and their impact is all tied back to revenue.

Clients I  Have Worked With

Data focused

Human centered

Hey there, my name is Yunche Wilson and over the last 15 years, I have worked with some amazing brands such as HP, Microsoft, Hitachi, Indeed and Upwork. I focused on optimizing marketing and sales productivity across the board which in turn helped generate millions of dollars in revenue. 

But there is one thing that continued to remain a consistent theme across B2B companies I worked with; marketing and sales departments remained siloed. They operate with own agendas, with broken processes and systems that deeply impact communication, productivity and revenue.

This is why the future of B2B marketing is sales enablement. I believe that sales and marketing should have a symbiotic relationship that is consistently feeding one another that you can no longer tell where marketing starts and sales ends.

The CMO of the future is a connector, a strategist, and a risk-loving data analyst with a passion for connecting the dots of a human experience.


It was truly a pleasure to work with Yunche. She and her team’s in-depth knowledge of marketing and branding helped position my business succeed even with the disruption and chaos of 2020. They helped reinvigorate my branding and marketing strategy.

Richard H.

Yunche was terrific. She understood what we were trying to achieve and came back in a timely and professional manner with feedback and ideas that were unique, appropriate, and on brand. I would hire Yunche again in a heartbeat. Excellent value for the output! 

Keltie m.

Are your B2B clients ignoring your marketing?