Marketing is so much more than just turnkey ad campaigns and good content. It includes how the sales team interacts with prospects because this is where they become customers. It involves customer service because if you can’t retain customers, the digital world will know. It involves operations because if the company does not have principles and/or people that align with a service oriented culture, then people will not want to be associated with the brand.

Marketing now requires an integrated, data-focused, yet people-driven approach that holds each department accountable for their deliverables. This is not the kind of thing you learn in a classroom. This knowledge is acquired through tried and tested methodologies that have delivered results time and time again.

Let SolomonBell be your strategic marketing partner and gain valuable insight on how to future proof your business.


We begin every new engagement with our 10 point performance review. This allows us to spend time upfront understanding your business so that we can provide customized, yet cost-effective solutions that address current and future risks while focusing on growth. We deliver a customized roadmap on how to reduce, remove, implement or optimize your systems, people and processes.


The role of the CMO is evolving. CMOs are having to lead company-wide transformation in response to the evolving buying patterns while simultaneously building innovative marketing capabilities throughout the company. And with the average salary at $175k, having a tenured CMO available at a fraction of the price can provide companies the flexible expertise they need at a budget that doesn’t break the bank.



products, services and messaging through market research and data analysis



and optimize value-based content focused on needs/wants of the prospect


Create and manage nurturing campaigns focused on converting prospect into customer


and increase qualified leads by diversifying marketing and sales activities



Track all marketing and sales activities to confirm return on investments



Streamline internal communications while increasing productivity for sales and marketing teams

The Future Of Business-To-Business Marketing

Business-to-business companies that have an aversion to a digital sales model will quickly find themselves in a passé world while their competitors embrace this ever-growing digital self-serve model.

Revolutionizing the CMO Role into Cross-Functional, Strategic Integrators

According to a recent report done by Forrester, about 88% of organizations recognize that the role of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has changed in the last couple of years, and will continue to change in the coming next years. CMOs are no longer just in charge of marketing outputs; the role now embodies growth, digital, buying experience and customer service and their impact is all tied back to revenue.

14 Unique Ways To Generate New Business Leads

To consistently find new leads for your business, you might need to start thinking outside the box and be open to evolving your strategy. Stepping away from standard practices to try new approaches can help you generate leads in unexpected ways. 

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