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I teach marketing organizations how to be more strategic, agile and innovative while supporting company revenue goals.




Why no one cares about your product

Customer expectations have drastically changed over the last 5 years and with that so has their buying behavior. Learn how their behaviors have changed, what that means for companies like yours and what strategies you need to implement to meet customer demand.

Transforming marketing into sales enablement

Marketing is a necessity in business but because of siloed departments, poor communication and legacy systems, is often seen as a cost center opposed to a profit center. Learn why the future of marketing resides in sales enablement and how you can  transform your marketing into a revenue-generator.

training for your teams

Make your starving crowd come to you

This interactive training will meet your marketing and sales team where they currently are and help them understand how to:


  • Find their ideal clients & identify their core problems
  • Correlate your products as a key solution speaking their language
  • Focus on strategies over tactics and how to develop relevant content that your ideal clients want to see

Crafting a buyer’s journey that enables sales

This interactive training will teach your teams how to strategically craft a buyer’s journey that gets into the psyche of your ideal clients. In this training they will learn how to:


  • Implement the C.H.E.S.T method for crafting intentional content that moves clients through the buyer’s journey
  • How to identify an ideal buyer’s journey that supports both sales and marketing teams
  • How to position your brand as a Subject Matter Expert that clients know, like and trust

Data focused

Human centered

Hey there, my name is Yunche Wilson and over the last 15 years, I have worked with some amazing brands such as HP, Microsoft, Hitachi, Indeed and Upwork. I focused on optimizing marketing and sales productivity across the board which in turn helped generate millions of dollars in revenue. 

But there is one thing that continued to remain a consistent theme across B2B companies I worked with; marketing and sales departments remained siloed. They operate with own agendas, with broken processes and systems that deeply impact communication, productivity and revenue.

This is why the future of B2B marketing is sales enablement. I believe that sales and marketing should have a symbiotic relationship that is consistently feeding one another that you can no longer tell where marketing starts and sales ends.

The CMO of the future is a connector, a strategist, and a risk-loving data analyst with a passion for connecting the dots of a human experience.


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