This interactive workshop is designed to transform your B2B marketing to enable sales and support overall company goals.

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The future of marketing

Everything in a business impacts marketing in one way or another.

Integrated technology. Data analysis. Cohesive collaboration across departments. These elements are what the future of marketing will embody and companies will need to govern all of these experiences across the board. That requires overcoming various challenges including people/skills, out-of-date processes, and core business systems. 


B2B Marketing is now Sales Enablement

Marketing and sales should no longer be separate entities that live in siloed departments. They should coexist in pod-like environments where they share a symbiotic relationship that is constantly feeding one another and dynamically pivoting to meet the needs of clients and achieve company goals.

Imagine what a cohesive infrastructure like this could do for productivity and revenue?


The current state of B2B marketing

There comes a time in every B2B company where your marketing and/or sales becomes unproductive. Typically these issues become exposed when your prospects stop engaging with you or worse once your revenue becomes stagnant or declines. This can often be attributed to a disconnect with your processes, systems or people.

Massive Knowledge Gap

Many B2B marketers have no idea how to effectively and consistently find, attract and convert their ideal clients.

Very Tactical

They are deploying all sorts of tactical marketing efforts but not properly tracking or analyzing the viability of their marketing.

Information Overload

B2B marketers are spending countless hours researching marketing and sales advice but didn’t know how to apply it to their specific business.

Feast or Famine

They don’t have an active pipeline of companies to market to and find themselves in a consistent reactive marketing mode opposed to a proactive one.

Truthfully, it’s not their fault.

B2B marketing is not taught in school. Everything we learn is “hands-on, in the field training” and because so many companies look at marketing as a cost-center opposed to a profit-center, they don’t properly invest in the advancement of their teams.

I created this interactive 3 day workshop to help clients achieve a few different things:


  • Knowledge gaps
  • Broken processes
  • Ineffective marketing tactics
  • Communication obstacles between sales and marketing


  • Product offering and how it resonates with your ideal clients
  • Current marketing strategies and resources
  • Previous marketing activities results
  • Current buyer’s journey
  • Process for completing a sale


  • Easily identify and build your B2B client profile 
  • Prove ROI for your marketing efforts and find your starving crowd (clients who desperately need your solutions)
  • Uncover your ideal client’s core problems 
  • Translate how your solutions create the transformation your ideal clients desire

What you will walk away with:

  • Customized roadmap with recommendations on how to improve impacted areas of marketing and sales
  • Clear outline of gaps impacting productivity and revenue within sales and marketing
  • Analysis of current activities and resources along with feedback on how to optimize
  • Insight on how to improve budget spend on key areas focused on your ideal customers
  • Clarity on how to properly implement customized marketing strategies tailored to your ideal client that directly support sales efforts